Educating people imperceptibly makes Li De moisten things silently

1. Absorbing the essence of traditional culture and cultivating students'excellent qualities

Mother-child filial piety homework twice a month, so that students learn to be grateful for filial piety!

Courtesy reception before class


Before the meal, the students greeted every teacher and classmate piously and said, "Happy meal for teachers and classmates!"



Sunday Ritual Reception: Ritual Reception students greet every parent and classmate piously, and say, "Classmate, welcome back to school."



Every Monday, after raising the national flag, all the teachers and students worship Confucius.

Learn disciple rules, understand the essence, practice and every day!

Every good day, sow the seeds of kindness in children's minds from an early age.



Search for "the most beautiful figure of Siyuan" every week, let virtue education of teachers and students spread to every corner of the campus.

2. Harmonious Education of Families and Schools



The family Committee interaction three times a semester builds a bridge between home and school, and works together to build the quality of education.




Make use of the platform of home-school interchange to understand and feedback the situation of children in time, so as to close each other's minds.

3. Enriching extracurricular activities to enable students to truly achieve "filial piety, gratitude, self-determination, and human kindness"

Thanksgiving with love, return with heart. With the words of thanksgiving, the action of Thanksgiving illuminates the heart lamp that parents and students keep for a long time.


Lantern Festival delights in Lantern Festival, so that children feel the love of teachers and the warmth of home.



Teachers and students spend two festivals together, feel the warmth of home!



We have fun eating and playing!



Once a month, the whole school cleaning, so that students understand: Siyuan is my home, love and rely on you all! ___________



Spring and autumn outings open our horizons and appreciate the charm of nature!


The heart is poor mountain area, teachers and students love donation, let love spread all over the world!
IV. Implementing Safety Responsibility
Every semester a fire drill, so that students have a simple knowledge of earthquake prevention and fire prevention. Improve self-prevention, protection awareness and survival skills.



At the end of school on Friday, security guards and teachers strictly guard the students to come to school happily and go home safely.


Theme class meeting: cherish life and grow healthily



Principal on Duty

Daily administration. The principal on duty earnestly and meticulously implements the duty system to ensure that the students are safe, orderly and happy to carry out the class activities.


Safety responsibility lays stress on implementation. Every Monday morning, the Civilization Class and the Civilization Pacesetter Class of the previous week are awarded.